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一、会计服务  Accounting:
 月度财务报表(中国会计准则)  Monthly financial report (PRC GAAP)
 月度财务报表(国际财务报告准则) Monthly financial report (IFRS)
 共享服务中心 Shared service center
 财务人员培训 Training of financial staff
 解决特殊会计问题   Solution of special accounting problems
Teller services, including the payment of cash, keeping of cash account, reimbursement of staff expenses and cash budget.
 开具发票   Issuing of invoices
Provide suggestions on the choice, customization, installment and operation of financial software. Provide training on new accounting processing program and the operation of new software.
二、常年定期会计服务 Regular accounting services
 支付流程设立   Establish payment procedures
 出纳服务  Teller services
 海外汇款服务   Overseas remittance services
 会计系统建立服务  Establish accounting systems
 记账服务 Accounting services
 符合中国会计准则的财务报表  Fiscal report in accordance with PRC GAAP
 国际会计准则 / 美国会计准则报告   IFRS/ US GAAP
 开具发票  Issuing of invoices
 库存管理   Inventory management
 年度审计协助   Annual auditing assistance
 年检  Annual inspection
 短期会计服务   Short-term accounting services
三、税务申报服务:Tax declaration services:
企业  Corporate
 月度/季度企业所得税申报  Monthly/quarterly declaration of corporate tax
 年度企业所得税汇算清缴  Annual financial statement of corporate tax
 税务量身定做咨询顾问服务  customized tax consulting services
个人  Individual
 月度个人所得税申报  Monthly declaration of individual tax
 个人所得税追溯申报  Retrospect declaration of individual tax
 年度个人得税申报  Annual declaration of individual tax
四、税务咨询服务Tax consulting services:
企业 Corporate
Provide corporate tax plan for commercial pattern and restructuring proposal
 转移定价咨询  Transfer pricing consulting
 税务尽职调查  Tax due diligence
 年度企业所得税汇算清缴 Annual settlement of corporate tax
 公司间服务协议审阅 Inter-corporate service agreement check
 代扣代缴预提所得税  Payment of withholding tax
 特殊税务事项处理  Treatment of special tax affairs
 个人所得税咨询服务 Individual tax consulting services
 个人所得税筹划包括税收平衡计划建议 Individual tax plan, including suggestions on tax balance plan
 法定审计/中国会计准则审计  Legal auditing/ PRC GAAP
 美国会计准则/国际会计准则审计 US GAAP/ IFRS
 验资  Verification
 年检  Annual inspection
 商定程序 Agreed-upon procedures
六、在中国设立公司Establishment of companies in China
For those overseas investors who are unfamiliar with the situations in China, registration of a company or representative office in China can be very complicated. It needs complex approval and registration procedures, often with different requirements and actual operation in different regions.
We can help foreign-funded enterprises from around the world to conduct business in China with speed. We provide a series of services including company registration, establishment of representative offices and other services. Whether you are seeking to establish an investment carrier or set up a business entity, or looking for a proper location for operation, we can help to establish the most appropriate organization for you in China based on your current investment scale and future development plans, and maximize the use of local incentives and tax incentives.
Through our one-stop service, you can set up the following types of companies:
 外商代表处  Foreign representative offices
 外商独资企业 Foreign-owned enterprises
 中外合资企业 Joint venture
 中外合作企业  Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises
 外商投资商业企业 Foreign-funded commercial enterprises
企业亚搏体育手机网页版登录咨询服务还包括Our corporate registration consulting services also includes
Consultation of market environment, investment environment and favorable policies
Analysis of group company structure
Analysis of tax structure
Basic procedures and requirements of corporate registration in China
 公司法对公司的合规要求Compliance requirements in Corporate Law
七、企业秘书服务:Corporate secretary
To conduct business in China, you need approval from various organizations. It is quite complicated to find the right department and submit the right materials. Therefore, many enterprises are more inclined to seek help from professionals. We can help you prepare the complete and correct application materials, and rapidly submit to relevant department and minimize the time for approval.
Meanwhile, we have the perfect client record management system to ensure the security of administrative record materials and company seals, as well as the compliance of the company’s existence and operation in China.
企业秘书服务包括:Corporate secretary services include
 长期企业合规咨询服务  Long-term corporate compliance consulting services
 企业法律合规管理   Corporate legal compliance management
 公司背景调查   Corporate background survey
 政府、法定机构相关规定的咨询服务  Relevant consulting services of government and legal organizations
 公司健康检查、维护法定登记册及其他记录  Corporate health examination, maintenance of legal registration and other records
 公司印章、证书及执照保管 Keeping of company seal, certificate and license
 企业年检和证照到期延期  Corporate annual inspection and extension of licenses
 董事会秘书   Secretary of the board
 翻译服务  Translation services
八、其他企业咨询服务:Other corporate consulting services
 公司清算及注销服务 (公司注销专题)
Corporate clearance and cancellation services (corporate cancellation special)
九、人事咨询服务:Personnel consulting services
 人事体系评估 Personnel system assessment
 人事表格和公函模板 Personnel forms and official letter template
 劳动合同  Labor contract
 员工手册 Staff manual
 员工背景调查 Staff background survey
 薪资调研及标杆 Salary survey and benchmark
 劳动争议处理  Treatment of labor dispute
 征信调查 Credit investigation
 离职面谈  Leave office interview
 人事行政支持  Personnel administrative support
 培训(入职培训/人事政策及流程) Training (Orientation/Personnel policies and procedures)
十、人事支持服务:Personnel support services
 社会保险登记  Social insurance registration
 非本地居民居住登记  residence registration of non local residents
 招工/退工登记  Employment/ termination registration
 统计局报告   Report to the consensus bureau
 年度社保及住房公积金基数调整报告 Annual base adjustment report of social insurance and housing fund
 休假管理政策   Leave management policies
十一、薪酬外包服务:Salary outsourcing
 薪资计算   Salary calculation
 薪资发放   Salary allocation
 管理报告及电子工资单服务   Management report and electrical payroll services
 员工补充医疗保险服务  Staff supplementary medical insurance services
 员工关爱    Staff care
十二、外籍员工服务:Foreign staff services
Currently, more and more foreigners come to work in Chinese mainland. Foreign staff needs to face the laws and legal stipulations unique in China as well as difference in culture and language. All these pose great challenges to them.
Whether you have just arrived in China or already settled down, you can solve all your employment problems with the help of our foreign staff services, which includes preparation of work visa and various written materials. We also provide services of physical examination and medical insurance plan, etc..
By outsourcing these complicated written works to us, you can have more time to experience the local culture of China and better integrate into the new work environment.
 体检安排  Arrangement of physical examination
 外籍员工工作证申请  Foreign staff work permit application
 外籍员工居住证及工作签证申请  Foreign staff residence permit and wok visa application
 外籍员工家属相关申请服务  Relevant application services for relatives of foreign staff
 其他相关证件及准证申请  Application of other licenses
 全球体检及医疗保险推荐 Global recommendation of physical examination and medical insurance services
 个人所得税服务  Individual tax services
 商务签证  Business visa
 培训(入职培训/语言培训/当地文化礼仪) Training (Orientation/ language training/local culture and etiquette )
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